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  • Phase I - Marketing Makeover - By giving your business a fresh start with a marketing makeover you reconnect with your clients and define your message so you can communicate more profitably with your customers. What this means to you is that your business gains more profits and innovates new ways to make money faster and you ramp up your organic growth in preparation for the next phase of acquisitions. Value - $50,000

  • Phase II - Running on Autopilot - To gain more time to be able to work ON your business more and less IN your business you must systematize and document how you do what it is that you do. What this means to you is that you get to use technology to quickly and easily document the processes in your business so that you can you not only make it easier to train new employees and give you more time to work on the business, but you will also actually be paid more for your business because documented business systems are considered a great hard asset that you can assign significant value to when it comes time to sell your business.
    Value - $19,000

  • Phase III - Growth on Steroids - Now it is time to exponentially grow the business to a level you could never do with organic growth alone. Here is where we go over in detail the methods to multiply the size of your business using the power of acquisitions times the power of cross marketing and efficiency profits. What this means to you is that your one million dollar business becomes a ten million dollar business in as little as 24 months.
    Value - $75,000

  • Phase IV - Get out while the gettin’s good - This is the time when you get to pick the option of how you want to exit the business. You will be positioned to sell it to a strategic buyer, someone that will pay you top dollar for the business. This means that you will have reached the point where you will be able to show your buyers just how to take your business and add it to their business and exponentially grow it, making whatever price they pay you are real bargain.
    Value - $118,000

  • Phase V - Freedom Day -  Now that you have sold the business it’s time to enjoy your truly liberated lifestyle with all the options you ever hoped that you would have. Now you get to transform your life into the one you always dreamed you would have with financial liberation as well as the freedom to pursue any of your other passions.
    Value - Priceless - Financial Freedom

    Marketing Implementation Templates - In order to jumpstart your marketing makeover more quickly. You wont need to start from scratch with things like a direct mail campaign, I’ll provide you with the templates to simply fill in the blacks to churn out proven marketing copy. The same goes for your newsletters, your book, your landing pages, and every single piece of marketing your going to need to create for your foundational as well as for your advanced marketing needs you are going to have the templates to fill in the blanks to sell more for your business. These templates are easily worth $500, but you get them as a part of this program.  

    Do It Right Deal Analyzer™ The second tool that I know you will appreciate and more importantly make the implementation of this proven system work even easier in your business I call the Doable deal analyzer which you will need so that you can quickly, efficiently and accurately analyze which companies would be best for you to buy as well as which companies would be the best suited to pay you top dollar for your business. Value of $497

    Strategy Development Call - You and I will talk one on one for about 45 minutes and develop a strategy for you specifically pertaining to your business. This will give you all of my big picture strategies about how to grow your business to the $10 million level in the next 24 months and you’ll walk away fully knowing what you need to do in detail in your business with all 5 phases of this program. I currently Charge $1250.00 per hour to speak to clients about their business one on one.

    Don't Forget These 2 KILLER BONUSES!

  • Bonus #1 - Shortcut 8 Figure Growth Templates™ - We all know that when you do any type of transaction in your business there is paperwork, well the same goes for when you buy and sell a business so we provide over 100 templates for you to use to both speed up the process of acquisitions as well as reduce some of the cost to prepare these documents by having some place to start with. We all know that you will require a team of attorney’s to draw up these documents, but it is so much faster and so much less costly if you have something to take to them such as a template document with the preliminary information started and then you have them complete the document with the necessary changes for your transaction.

    These would cost you at least $10,000 in attorney’s fees to develop from scratch, at a minimum. If you have ever used an attorney to draft a document for you, you know this will be true.

  • Bonus #2 - Q & A Calls - 4 Bonus Q&A calls after the training is over. We all know that there will be a lot if work to do and there is no way to get it all done during the training phase of this program, so for 4 months after the program, once a month I will do an open line Q&A session to help with the implementation of the training and answer any and all questions you have depending on where you are in the implementation of your exponential business growth. This is so you get all of your questions answered and move along even faster.

    I currently Charge $1250.00 per hour to speak to clients about their business and you get to reap the benefits of not only hearing about your business, but how others are also using this program in their industry.

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